Guide for the builder starting out

From dream to the reality

Our Do it yourself (Do it yourself) guide is downloadable on our website for 29 Euro only. This guide is designed for handy people who wish to conceive and realise their projects themselves. It will allow you to develop a logical sense of tree house building.

TThe guide takes you through three examples of tree house realisation and a full photographic report retracing the chronological steps of the construction. You will discover the tips and advices to correctly lead your own project to perfection. You will be also inspired by different systems of collars that are presented in the guide, to respect the tree and its growth.

This book contains 28 downloadable pages in PDF format.

Internet ordering process

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To receive our guide, nothing easier:
1- Enter your email address and click on "order the guide"
2- You will be transferred on the secured payment web page where you will be processing the payment.
3- After validation of your purchase, you will receive an email to which will be attached a link from which to download the guide

Summary of Rêve de Cabane guide:
- Administrative authorization
- Tree selection
- High of implantation
- Security
- Plans elaboration
- Reports and realisation descriptive

On a spruce
On a birch
On two lindens

Extract of the Guide Reve de Cabane

“Follow the path of your dream...”

We present below a couple of images from the Guide...