Pre Projet

“Each project is unique! The dream takes shape”

This stage allows a financial approach of your project and to confront it to the urban constraints of the site.

From the elements you chose, we realise 3D plans that we integrated to the site. (Description, photos of the site, surface criteria, height...)

Depending on the nature of your project, we will offer different proposition:

  • Different types of wood: Pine Douglas, Larch, Oak, Walnut, Cedar, Sequoya, and red cedar.
  • Different types of finish: gross wood, brushed, planed, natural oil treatments.
  • Waterproof and with different levels of insulations, we adapt our work to your desires.
  • Realisation of your furniture.

Depending on the usage and the implantation of your cabin, different options will optimize your comfort:

“Enjoy your cabin all year along, no matter the weather...”

Insulation: Located at the bottom of the Mont Blanc, in Chamonix, we know winters can be rigorous. Therefore, this has led us to develop veritable mountain cabins. We will propose you different concepts of insulations adapted to your project

“Lengthen the days, enjoy an evening reading a book, relax and unwind with your favourite music...”

Energy: Different autonomous equipments will allow you to answer your needs in electric consumption and will be adapted to the natural resources of the site: photovoltaic module, wind generators, sun battery, hybrid system (sun and wind power), transportable energy bloc...

All the options will be figured in the final quotation of the project.